Related Institutes

Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB)

Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) ( is the premier state organization engaged in the promotion and development of exports and also offers a myriad of services to exporters. SLEDB supports investors in export related industries to find buyers in international markets, in product portfolio expansions andadvancement of productsas well as conducting capacity building and export market awareness programs. SLEDB is currently working with international partners to identify new local products and export markets.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA)

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) ( and Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) are the authoritative government bodies responsible in promoting the travel and tourism industry of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is committed towards transforming Sri Lanka to be Asia’s foremost tourism destination by developing diverse, unique and quality tourism services and products that would make Sri Lanka a distinctive global destination. Under SLTDA, a One Stop Unit (OSU) has been established for centralized promotion of National Tourism and as a one-stop location and point of contact for facilitating investors. Specialist staff from various government agencies helps investors identify feasible projects, submits applications, and obtain investment privileges, trade licenses and other approvals required for project clearance.

Merchant Shipping Secretariat (MSS) - Director of Merchant Shipping

Merchant Shipping Secretariat (MSS) - Director of Merchant Shipping– MSS, under the Ministry of Ports and Shipping, is the shipping administration arm of Sri Lanka having overall responsibility for overseeing maritime concerns. MSS deals with ensuring safety of life and property at sea, maritime education, training, examination and certification and registration of ships under the Sri Lanka flag. MSS issues annual licenses to Shipping Agents, Container Depot Operators, Container Terminal Operators, and Container Freight Stations, Freight Forwarders or Non Vessel Operating Common carriers. MSS also implements applicable international Maritime conventions and prepares relevant local regulations andimplements the government’s maritime safety policy.

Ministry of Trade

Ministry of Trade - One of the main activities of this Ministry is registration of industries under the Industrial Promotion Act No. 46 of 1990. Every person carrying on an industrial undertaking where the value of capital investment in plant & equipment exceeds Rs 4 million and the number of permanent employees in such industry exceeds 50, except an industry under BOI should register the site or location at which such industrial undertaking is carried on. Special emphasis is given for the following industries in this process including the following.

Boat Building Technology Training Institute (BTI)

BTI is a private sector driven training & service providing organization for Boat Building, FRP & Multiday fishing industry (Deep- Sea Fishing) in Sri Lanka. It is a collective of Boat Building Companies interested in the improvement of their business capabilities locally & abroad through upgrading the skills of their employees. In addition it assists deep sea fishing industry in the country by the transfer of improved methods & techniques in deep sea fishing. Its services & training are available for local & foreign persons interested in these two fields of activities. In addition after successful training those interested in employment opportunities local & foreign will be assisted by the BTI….. - www.